New ways of
conserving our water

EcōsPure patent pending technology is a new approach to growing plants with stunning results. We have developed the first smart materials for home, garden, and agricultural use. This new material both conserves water by regulating evaporation and gathers the Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium (plant nutrients), as well as water in the plant root zone. The new eco-friendly materials then slowly releases the plant nutrients and water back to the plant over time, saving up to 60% of the water and fertilizer. This enables plants to grow more efficiently and reduces water pollution from fertilizers.

EcōsPure products can reduce water use by up to 60%..

Imagine how much water we could save if our own lawn, garden and potted plants only needed to be watered once a week. Multiply that by the number of residents in your town and you can easily see the potential of saving millions of gallons of water every day.

EcōsPure is manufacturing environmentally sustainable products that serve Water Conservation and Water Remediation for Turf, Landscape, Irrigation and Agriculture. These new products can make a major impact to reverse some of today's largest man made water and watershed ecosystem problems.


EcōsPure’s new water saving products and technologies use bio friendly and natural materials to conserve water, reduce fertilizer use and help eliminate pollutant laden water runoff from agriculture and industry use.

According to the EPA nationwide, landscape irrigation is estimated to account for nearly one-third of all residential water use in the U.S., totaling nearly 9 billion gallons per day. EcōsPure's new HydraMat™ and GrowSmart™ granules can reduce that water use by up to 60%, potentially saving billions of gallons of water a day!

Our products are designed to work with the environment and help relieve the stress on our scarce water resources.

Everyone has seen the headlines about the Drought in Western United States and California’s mandatory water bans. Be a responsible community member and work smart with EcōsPure.